RESPONSES: Cove Rangers chairman Keith Moorhouse has answered questions put to him by our official supporters club.

WE asked Ian McIntosh, secretary of the Cove Rangers Supporters Club, to ask members for questions they wanted to put to club chairman Keith Moorhouse.
They responded with queries about league reconstruction, player contracts and plans to improve Balmoral Stadium.
We would like to thank Ian and the Cove Rangers fans who came up with the questions for their efforts.

QUESTION MASTER:  Cove Rangers Supporters Club secretary  Ian McIntosh.

Q: What can we supporters do to help the club through these strange times to ensure that we emerge from this in the best possible position?

KM:  All that we can ask is for everyone to follow the Government guidelines and stay safe.
The priority right now is to ensure that all of us are able to come through this current situation fit and well.
If we all continue to do what is being asked of us we can only hope that will reduce the length of time we have to wait before we are able to see Cove Rangers playing again.

Q: When season tickets go on sale for next season will existing season ticket holders get priority?

KM: Yes, our most loyal supporters will always get priority. Unfortunately we are not in the position to say when tickets will  be on sale because we are some way off knowing when playing football again will actually be possible.

UPGRADE: Cove Rangers intend to make improvements to Balmoral Stadium

Q: Are there any plans to extend the existing main stand, add to/improve the covered terracing opposite the main stand or install more ladies toilets at Balmoral Stadium?

KM: We have already drawn up plans and had them all costed for an extension to the stand and improving facilities throughout the stadium.
The intention was to start work on that at the end of the coming  season.
Whether that will still be possible then will be influenced by the position we find ourselves in once we are able to return to normal business.
But it remains our ambition to ensure the facilities at Balmoral Stadium are among the best in the Scottish game.

Q: Does the club have a preference for the new league set up for next season?
Indeed, do they believe a change is even necessary?

KM:  There are far too many variables and unknowns, which means that is a difficult question to answer at this stage. There is also the added point of the SPFL EGM. 
I would prefer to wait until we see the different options that are put in front of us, which will obviously include different terms and conditions.
What I will say right now is we want to see Cove Rangers playing in the highest division possible.
I’m sorry that I can’t say anything else at the moment  but I  promise our fans we will make a further statement when we are able to.

Q:  Will there be any upgrade in the tannoy system at Balmoral Stadium? We have difficulty hearing announcements with the current system.

KM: Most definitely. We are aware of the problems with the current system, particularly in the area opposite the Alan McRae Stand.
We have already spoken to contractors and work on that will start once it is permissible to do so.
We couldn’t do it during the season because it will require running wires beneath the pitch.
Like I said, we are determined to ensure Balmoral Stadium has everything needed to give fans the best experience possible when they attend matches.

PLANNED AHEAD: Cove Rangers manager Paul Hartley and football director John Sheran had already secured players on deals covering next season, which includes striker Rory McAllister, who joined the club in January.

Q: Can you give us any updates on player contracts and any possible new signings?

KM: We are fortunate that both manager Paul Hartley and John Sheran had been working on those long before the current shut-down.
It means the majority of our squad are secured on new contracts taking them to the end of next season, at the very least.
Paul and John had also been working since before Christmas on plans to further strengthen the squad.
I’m sure that is something that will continue once we have some clarity around the games restarting.
Thanks to their forward planning, we are confident we will still have a strong squad in place for  when football resumes.

Q: Will the first team kit be changing this year and if so will it be available for the start of the season.

KM: Yes.
We would prefer to have it available before the new season but, as we all know, nobody is certain when that will start.  We are currently in talks with the kit providers to ensure we are ahead of the game.
Every effort will be made to get the new kits out to our supporters at the earliest opportunity.